Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Acer could get back on board with Windows Phone in a big way

'Slew' of Acer Windows Phones in 2015?

Acer could get back on board with Windows Phone in a big way
Acer said in March 2014 that it won't make anotherWindows Phone until the operating system's app ecosystem and user experience improve.
But according to a site called Gizbot that time may have already arrived, as Acer is reportedly prepping a 'slew' of new Windows Phone handsets to launch in 2015.
Acer did launch one Windows Phone smartphone, the Acer W4, but that was three years ago and it wasn't exactly a showstopper.
The Windows Phone situation has no doubt improved since then, though Microsoft's mobile OS is definitely due for a shake-up.
Gizbot says its sources believe Acer will begin next year's parade of new Windows Phone handsets in the first half of the year, and by that time we very well may know more about Microsoft's plans for Windows Phone. If Acer knows something we don't, there may be some good news incoming.

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